For the 2015-2016 Rotary Year, my theme will be: Engagement in Rotary
Engage yourself
Engage each other
Engage our local community
Engage our world
Each of us comes to Rotary for a different purpose whether it be to build business connections, to find opportunities to give back and serve our communities, or to develop fellowship and lasting relationships.  For most of us, it is the giving back that resonates the most.  However, the relationships we develop, with each other and our communities, keep us engaged.  With all things, we get out of Rotary what we put into our efforts.  
For each ouf us, it is a personal choice as to how much effort we put into Rotary, or engage.  My goal, as club president, and in conjunction with our skilled leadership team is to continue developing a dynamic club where members have multiple opportunities to choose their engagement through service and social opportunities.  
With a dynamic club, we hope to continue growing our membership. As we grow our membership with high quality, new members, we will be able to commit to more service projects, raise more money, and develop more connections which will allow us to positively impact our communities, local and international.  
Here our our club goals for 2015-2016:
Here our our club goals for 2015-2016:
•    Grow our membership to 45 members by June 30, 2016 (50 members aspirational)
•    Achieve our club being an Every Rotarian Every Year club and encourage giving to Polio Plus
•    Create a systematic Public Relations Plan to raise awareness of Rotary's accomplishments and potentially attract new members
•    Facilitate an average of two service projects per month (active and passive) to engage our community and engage our membership
•    Develop a calendar of dynamic speakers from our local communities and social opportunities for fellowship amongst our membership
•    Continuously develop the leadership within our membership by asking each member to either chair a project or serve on a committee
•    Increase communication with our membership by: each committee having a minimum of eight meetings throughout the year, disseminating meeting minutes within 24-48 hours of the weekly meeting, continuously updating our website and other electronic media with opportunities for engagement