Members of The Rotary Club of Hillcrest - Sunrise brought their families together for a fun-filled picnic at Lyndhurst Splash Park. All visitors on Sunday, July 22nd were able to enjoy the refreshing relief of Splash Park amenities on a hot Summer day courtesy of Lyndhurst Mayor and Club President, Joe Cicero, Jr., who waived admission fees for the day.
Image 'Morning Crew' members Fred Havlice, Tom Mugridge and Mike Johns, Jr. arrived at 8am to make preparations for the day (shown at left enjoying some much deserved R&R). By the time the rest of the members and families began to arrive, the barbecue was already hot and the refreshments were on ice. In addition to the standard picnic fare, members contributed their favorite side dishes and donated their specialty desserts for a unique Dessert Auction. The most mouth-watering items started bidding wars and even brought about a 'don't-even-think-about-it' staredown in the direction of a rival bidder from a member's typically reserved spouse (Bonnie Delibero's dessert was at the center of this friendly standoff). 

ImageClub member and director of picnic operations, Tony Corrao, is shown at right with his wife Tina in pursuit of balloon race winners (Chris and Noelle Scheuer - center) and runners-up (Kris and Keith Packard - right). The excitement of the balloon race, which concluded with team members popping the balloon between their bodies, was preceded by a hard-boiled egg roll (using feet only) that brought out the competitive spirit in everyone. Winners of the individual and team competitions received movie passes for their athletic prowess. The day was a success and many thanks to the committee members and attendees that made it possible!