Meeting began at 7:37 with President Ryan's ringing of the bell
Happy/Sad Bucks: Alexander was happy to celebrate Marko's 3rd Birthday!: Chris Adams was happy for the 1st day of school, daughter Emily is happy that she does not have to put 500 labels in dictionaries!:+Tom Mugride.
was happy he was able to put to use wife Pat's birthday present - a day at the shooting range, Tom went 50 rounds with a glock  - oh oh - watch out Pat!!!:Mike Matoney - missed meeting buck and a good wishes buck to Joe Cicero who will be undergoing surgery on Monday - Best Wishes Joe!: Scott - happy meeting is in the Big Room: Fred Havlice - missed meeting buck.Ross - birthday bucks - happy for the 1st day of school: Tony Corrao - happy to be back at meetings, happy to have cousins visit from Sicily - great visit - had fun but exhausting!: Steve Sova - missed meeting bucks , traveled to Greece and then to Bulgaria for a wedding - wedding was very different a lot of dancing, had a great trip. Tony B; happy that after the past few weekends filled with visitors to welcome the baby, he is happy this weekend will be quiet!
Announcements: Scott: Clambake, October 25, noon - mark calendars now - Family Friendly. Mike John Jr. August 27, Sara's Place Taste thank you dinner. Mike reminded members- members MUST respond Yes or No to invitations - response is imperative for committee chairs;    PLEASE BE MINDFUL AND RESPOND TO ALL EMAILED  INVITATIONS  : 5th Tuesday Event and Taste Thank you
Sunday, September 13, noon - Brown's Tailgate Party - Harry Buffalos - family friendly. .
Speaker; Club Assembly started with a live auction - Tony Corrao won the $100.00 naked Wine gift card - $50.00 went to our Foundation. Members then proceeded to apply the 4 Way Taste in Spanish labels to 500 dictionaries that will be included with the shoeboxes. While applying labels, club assembly continued. President Ryan invited all club members to the One Rotary Summit, October 17, at the Hilton Garden Inn, club will pay the $30.00 fee - all are invited - details to follow. Tom Mugridge - Taste report - Members responsible for selling 6 tickets; Ahuja isour ticket sponsor - Hillcrest main $4000.00 sponsor. we have 7 restaurants as of now - Tom encouraged members to solicit their favorite restaurant- Tom will email all donation letters today - please checks emails.   President Ryan invited members to visit other clubs and try to advertise and sell Taste tickets. Several members signed up for various clubs.   
Tony Basalla -gave a membership presentation- membership committee is divided into 2 teams; Team A, Team B (so original guys!) teams will be contacting members to discuss survey results as well as club topics - if you have not returned your survey - DO NOW! Tony has a lot of enthusiasm and energy and is committed to growing our membership. He asked members to remember District Governor Cheryl Warrens statement:
Join Leaders,  Exchange Ideas, Take Action -  6 simple words.
Rotabuck/Queen of hearts; winner - Roger Korsten, $18.00 - Roger pulled the 4 of Clubs: Queenof Hearts pot:$99.00 Polio Plus : $99.99
Next week's speaker:  Our own Rosss Dejohn III - Preplanning