proposed board for next year (2013 - 2014).


As we discussed at the club assembly last week below is the proposed board for next year (2013 - 2014). We will have club elections on March 5th. Please review and provide any feedback to the nominating committee.


President:                      Chris Adams
President Elect:              Janet Schiciano
Vice President:               Ryan Knotts
Secretary:                     Kris Kieltsch-Packard
Treasurer:                     Mike Johns Jr.
Administration:              Steve Sova
Foundation:                   Alexandra Jeanblanc
Service:                        Jackie Minotas
Membership:                 Joe Delibero
PR:                               Roger Korsten
Sgt. At Arms:                Scott Mills
Taste Of Hillcrest:          Tom Mugridge


wh-4p-ol2013 Nominating Committee

Kathleen Mekesa, Joe Cicero, Chris Adams